1:1 Coaching Sessions with

Sara Pinckney

Getting ready to open your first salon
Planning on increasing your prices?
Is your business asking for more structure & boundaries? 
Are you ready to hire your first employee?
Ready to reignite the spark in your career? 


*** Space is limited to 3 sessions per week.***


A note from Sara

It has taken me years of practice and experience in this industry to realize that it is more than just creating beautiful hair. It is about relationships, connections and a deeper understanding of yourself. Through these coaching sessions with me, you will not only gain a new outlook as a beauty professional, but expand your knowledge and power as a female business woman. Here’s to a fantastic journey ahead. 

What We Can Cover

  • Your why and goal setting

  • Defining Success

  • Navigating Brand Changes

  • Attracting your dream client

  • Price Increases 

  • Boundaries and self advocacy 

  • Self care, self love, health and wellness 

  • Inspiring guests to support your marketing, business, and entrepreneurial journey 

  • Access to my favorite resources and suggested platforms


The Deets

Discovery Call:
First we will meet to discuss your goals, and get really clear on what you want to focus on, assess your current situation, and together create a plan for our journey together. 


Coaching Session:

discuss all of your deepest business details

define your goals and a clear path froward

figure out where the blocks are and how to break through.

After our time together, I will check in 2 weeks after our call and determine how I can best support you moving forward.

Happy Clients

"Sara immediately helped with getting me organized and putting systems in place. She has become my mentor, friend and family.
COVID-19 hit the beauty industry hard. Sara and I were in a groove with coaching and she held my hand figuring out how to pivot. She helped me launch my beauty retail and guided me while I moved into a new store front. I honestly couldn’t have done it without her. 

I no longer feel alone. Sara is a wonderful mentor and will coach you in in a style that suits your own. She is patient, caring and highly professional.
If you are hesitant about coaching, Sara is your girl.
Just do it!"

- Erica, Poppy and Dolly

“Over the last several months during my meetings with Sara, we have touched base on everything from the logistics of owning your own salon, how to grow your business, to truly getting down to the root of your "why" and your "purpose".
I mention this last thing because Sara encouraged me to dig deep to get to the root of my passion to drive my own success. I personally found this to be so helpful!
Sara has encouraged me to go above and beyond to know my own worth in this business. This alone has given me so much confidence going into becoming a salon owner. Not to mention streamlining all of my thoughts into an organized spreadsheet.
She is not only super passionate about helping others but has the training and experience to influence others in gaining their own success. I would recommend Sara and her coaching sessions to everyone in the beauty industry! You will 100% come out ready to level up your brand with the most confidence and purpose!”

- Meghan, Meg Long Hair

Ready to up-level your biz, enhance your brand and add self care to your calendar? 

*** Space is limited to 3 sessions per week.***